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I want to make furniture and give it away. I have created a Youtube channel as a platform to build a community of giving. While I still work on commission and am in the process of creating classes for you to enjoy (virtual and in person), my end goal is to be a youtuber who gives away all his work. 

If you want to support this goal of mine, subscribe to my youtube channel. There is always a giveaway going on so be sure to check out my videos to find out how you can enter to win. Check out my Youtube page (on the menu bar) to see my latest giveaway as well as a video explaining some of my work and my goals as a woodworker. Join  me on my conquest for free furniture :D

If you wish to make a donation or support me on patreon, know your funds will always go to projects given back to the community. Thank you for your support. 

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