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A bed, the most important piece of furniture for your home.

Hello everyone, I have been MIA for a while, but I am back.

What's the most important piece of furniture for your home? To me, it is definitely the bed. You end everyday on the bed, more or less. The place you end up spending a good chunk of your day in. Having it aesthetically pleasing is a big plus.

Due to my head injury, I struggle with issues of going to bed/falling asleep. So making this bed just the way I want is definitely important, and it all starts with the headboard.

In this video, I also touch base on where I have been, and talk a little about my head injury.

Watch this video to find out more of what I am talking about!

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Jeremy, I enjoyed meeting you yesterday at the Foothills Market Days event. My love of wood stems from helping my Dad in his workshop, as he created functional items with all different kinds of wood. Kudos, to you for following your passion for creating works of art out of wood. Thanks also for the tutorial on how you built your table. I hope to view more of your videos in the future. Thank you for serving our country. Wishing you speedy progress; on your healing journey.

L. Gwyn

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Jeremy Lewis
Jeremy Lewis
28 nov 2021
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I always enjoy meeting someone who has a history with woodworking. Most people who had relatives that did the work or helped with it get to have a nice stroll down memory lane when running into a fellow craftsman, and that's something I enjoy delivering as much as the work I put together. It was very nice meeting you.

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