Hello and welcome. My name is Jeremy, also known as The Wood Veteran. As of writing this (late 2021) I am 35 years old, a father of 3, husband, army veteran, and woodworker.


My passion for crafting was stumbled upon accidentally. I was in school, working towards a business degree after being medically retired from the military. My time overseas taught me many things, including to work with what you have instead of what you want. I wanted to build a home, but I wanted to do it simply. Because I was a champion with my money, I had none, at least not enough to build a home with, so I started collecting materials...things unwanted by others. Job sites replacing kitchen cabinets, left over tile, windows and frames....after a while I had a lot of stuff. So much so that it warranted building a shed to house it all. I built an 8'x20' shed to hold all the free building materials I had collected. This was the project that set everything in motion.


Building was enjoyable, so I pursued a path in it. I started by attending The Wood Technology Center in Seattle, Washington, where I earned a degree in carpentry as well as Cabinetmaking and Architectural Woodworking. Both were very enjoyable, but I found furniture and art to be more inspiring to spend the day to day on.


I found my path, I loved the work I was doing, but something was still missing. It wasn't until I delivered a custom dresser to a client that I realized the missing element was the excitement the customer had when their product showed up. That was what I wanted more of. So I had the bright idea of giving my work away. As far as business strategies go, giving your stuff away for free is pretty low on the list of feasibility. But I am determined to make it work....so here I am, trying to figure out share doing what I love with others while still making a few bucks (somehow).