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Hello and welcome. My name is Jeremy, also known as The Wood Veteran. As of writing this (late 2021) I am 35 years old, a father of 3, husband, army veteran, and woodworker.


My passion for crafting was stumbled upon accidentally. My time overseas taught me many things, including to work with what you have instead of what you want. I wanted to build a home, but I wanted to do it simply. Because I was a champion with my money, I had none, at least not enough to build a home with, so I started collecting materials...things unwanted by others. Job sites replacing kitchen cabinets, leftover tile, windows and frames....after a while I had a lot of stuff. So much so that it warranted building a shed to house it all. I built an 8'x20' shed to hold all the free building materials I had collected. This was the project that set everything in motion.


Building was enjoyable, so I pursued a path in it. I started by attending The Wood Technology Center in Seattle, Washington, where I earned a degree in carpentry as well as Cabinetmaking and Architectural Woodworking. Both were very enjoyable, but I found furniture and art to be more inspiring to spend the day to day on.


I found my path, I loved the work I was doing, but something was still missing. It wasn't until I delivered a gift to a creator I appreciated who opened it on camera that I realized what it was. They lit up as they saw the gift for the first time, smiling and joyful beyond words. That was what I wanted more of. So I had the bright idea of giving my work away. As far as business strategies go, giving your stuff away for free is pretty low on the list of feasibility. But I am determined to make it here I am, trying to figure out share doing what I love with others while still making a few bucks (somehow).

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