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This product is currently discounted. It is a large wall mounted shelf with concealed compartment to store whatever flower power you see fit.

The foam shown in the photos is not attached and will be sent with the product. You will have to cut/arrange it as desired to work with whatever you want going into your shelf. There will be a few clean whole squares for you to work with.

Thus product is discounted Given a few boo boos on the piece. This was a prototype and therefore has a few minor cosmetic issues. Will you notice them? Unlikely, but I do and can't charge full price for it as a result.

If you would like something else made in this style send me an email or fill out a contact form.

THE LISTED PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING. Shipping will be calculated and billed separately. Given the size of this piece I expect it to run 100-200$.

Super Mario Concealment Shelf Wall Art

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